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  • Belvedere Fortress in Lavarone. Today, it is the museum of the First Wolrd War, which offers to clients the possibility to learn about the military tecniques of defence and attack implemented during the war. Simialrly, it provides significant information about the history of Lavarone and surroundings area of that time. Find more details at http://www.fortebelvedere.org/en;
  • Haus von Prukk in Luserna (15 min away from Lavarone). It's a museum dedicated to CIMBRI, a minority language group that still today speaks the language of the ancestors. The Museum is open every day during the summer and Christmas holidays and will be open on requests in the remaining time of the year (maily for groups). More details at http://www.lusern.it/interne/interna.aspx?ID=7161;
  • Base Tuono at Passo Coe (25 min away from Lavarone). It's an ex-NATO military base, which provides information about NIke Missile systems. More details at http://www.basetuono.it/;
  • Mart in Rovereto (an hour away from Lavarone). It is a contemporary art museum, dedicated to the famous futurist painter Depero, that was originally from Rovereto. More details at http://www.mart.trento.it/;
  • Guided visits to Trentino wine cellars and grappa distilleries; Contact us for information!

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